Building a Green Rwanda

Repair and Refurbishment of Electrical Products

We refurbish, repair or rework more than 600,000 items annually and have the capacity to process tens of thousands of products every month.

Certified Data Erasure and Destruction

Our accredited and certified data elimination processes offers corporate clients full reassurance of their data security to guarantee 100% data information security.

Electronic Waste Collection Service

We provide an end-to-end e-waste recycling solution for electrical and electronic items that is ethical and compliant with local regulations.

Battery Collection and Recycling

We collect and recycle different types of batteries to extend their lifespan and prevent pollution from dangerous chemicals.

Electronic Waste Dismantling and Recycling

More than 75% of e-waste goes to landfill. We work with you to prevent e-waste from contaminating our soil and water.

Technical Assistance and Consultancy

We offer complete technical advice and assistance for all your devices.

Industry Technical Training Program

We provide Industry-based training service at our facility and in collaboration with our stakeholders, we organise different technical training sessions in repair, maintenance, recycling, and dismantling.