Extending Batteries lifespans
in Rwanda

Through our Collection Points and Repair Centre, and in collaboration with various solar companies, and the Government of Rwanda, Enviroserve Rwanda is collecting old or broken batteries (under or after guarantee) for testing, refurbishment/repack and recycling. In partnership with Aceleron, the waste batteries are tested, recharged, repacked and returned to the market for the second life. The second life batteries are equipped with a remote sensing device that tracks its performance and enable preventive maintenance contributing to the extension of the battery lifespan.

Sustainable collection and treatment of end of life solar products and waste batteries in Rwanda

Through our partnership with Global Leap Awards and different institutions, we ensure that solar e-waste is safely collected and treated at our e-waste recycling facility in Bugesera Industrial Park. Our innovation partner, Carnegie Mellon University Africa and its Industry Innovation Lab (IIL) helps in designing testing procedures as well as identifying and prioritizing new second life refurbished lithium ion battery products. The refurbished power system products are returned to off grid companies and other partners in Rwanda and its neighboring countries.