Musanze District, Rwanda | 5 March 2020.  Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park and GIZ Eco-Emploi Programme in collaboration with Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA), and Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) today launched a nationwide awareness campaign to build a sustainable e-waste management ecosystem in Rwanda. The main aim of the campaign is to sensitize informal e-waste handlers to operate in fulfillment of national regulations governing e-waste management in Rwanda, which were launched in April 2018. 

RURA issued the Regulation n°002 of 26/4/2018 Governing E-Waste Management in Rwanda. This Regulation sets a regulatory framework for electrical and electronic waste management in Rwanda and reiterates that any person carrying out activities related to e-waste collection, transportation, retailing, importation, dismantling, recycling, refurbishing shall hold an appropriate license issued by the Regulatory Authority.

The campaign launched today in Musanze District, Northern Province, seeks to build the skills of 300 current repair technicians without a formal degree and/or RURA license in sustainable e-waste management. In addition to the 5-day training workshop in Musanze District, similar training will be organized in Huye District in late March 2020. Part of the awareness campaign, Enviroserve has launched the first e-waste collection point which will be the central point for the collection and interim storage of e-waste from Musanze district. Enviroserve aims to have e-waste collection points in all the 30 Districts of Rwanda.

The demand for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) has increased significantly in Rwanda due to the general economic growth and modernization.  As a result, the 2014 inventory survey on e-waste and the expected amount of e-waste to be generated in Rwanda showed an annual increase of 6% and a total quantity of ten thousand (10,000) tons of e-waste generated each year plus the quantities generated in the past years.  

To ensure sustainable management of e-waste, the Government of Rwanda in partnership with Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park established a modern and environmentally friendly e-waste dismantling and recycling facility in Bugesera Industrial park in January 2018. However, Rwanda has the state of art e-waste dismantling and recycling facility to treat e-waste, the country still lacks skilled people/technicians to work in the e-waste management value chain (collection of e-waste, repair, refurbishment, and dismantling) and there is a need for collection points around the country to ensure proper collection of e-waste.

Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park Country General Manager, Mbera Olivier commends the partnership to build a sustainable e-waste management value chain in Rwanda: “Enviroserve Rwanda believes that through the partnership with GIZ Eco-Emploi, it is the right moment to empower Rwandan youth especially women with technical knowledge and skills. Concretely, through theoretical and practical oriented training and apprenticeship at the state of art e-waste recycling and dismantling facility which will enable the creation of green jobs in e-waste collection, repair, and recycling, promote the circular economy and sustainable consumption and ensure sustainable management of e-waste in Rwanda.”

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Notes to the Editors 


About Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park

Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park (ERGP) is a private company dedicated to electronic and electrical waste recycling, green growth, and the circular economy. As a subsidiary of Enviroserve Dubai, an ISO, OSHA certified company with over 15 years of experience in operating the world’s largest electronic and specialised recycling facility, Enviroserve is pioneering e-waste management in East Africa and operates the region’s only state-of-the-art e-waste dismantling and recycling facility. 

Through a partnership with the Rwanda Green Fund and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the facility is protecting millions from the hazardous threat of e-waste, providing peace of mind to electronic and electrical equipment users across the region through the proper and environmentally friendly management of electronic and electrical waste. 

The company also collaborates with academic institutions to distribute refurbished computers to schools – part of our commitment to give back to the community and support Rwanda’s mission of inclusive digital literacy.

About RURA

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority(RURA) was created by the Law n° 39/2001 of 13 September 2001 with the mission of regulating certain public utilities, namely: telecommunications network and/or telecommunications services, electricity, water, removal of waste products from residential or business premises, extraction and distribution of gas and transport of goods and persons.

About REMA

The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) is a state institution responsible for ensuring that issues relating to the environment and climate change are integrated into all national development programs.

REMA’s mission is to promote and ensure the protection of the environment and sustainable management of natural resources through decentralized structures of governance and seek national position to emerging global issues with a view to enhancing the well-being of the Rwandan people.

About GIZ Rwanda Eco-Emploi Programme 

The Promotion of Economy and Employment Programme (Eco-Emploi) is part of the priority area ‘sustainable economic development’ of the Rwandan-German Development Cooperation. The programme embodies an integrated approach of technical and vocational education and training, labour market interventions and private sector development.